Tree topping isn’t normally encouraged because it could lead a tree to be vulnerable or prone to falling. In a few instances, tree topping is important to cut or reduce a tree short. That’s generally the case, and could be sometimes an urgent case when you notice the tree growing and reached the power lines. This scenario will put yours and your neighbor’s home and property at risk. 

Tree Topping  

On the other hand, if you would choose to go DIY and do the tree trimming yourself, think twice as it is not recommendable especially when the tree branches already grown above the power lines, the DIY approach is not safe and you will certainly end up with a bigger trouble, especially when the process is not done properly, DIY method of tree topping can cause injuries, property damage and unwanted re growth.   

It would be best if you seek assistance from the professionals, there could be a lot of best options of tree service Memphis in your local area, they could help you with regards to tree trimming or any tree services you might need in the future. Leave the hard work to the expert and save yourself some hazards from going DIY.   

Here’s the possible danger you will encounter if you will push the DIY approach:   

Fallen Branches 

In this case, you will agree that cutting a tree is not a hard job at all, but tough one to beat is not to let branches to fall to a place where they shouldn’t go.  Falling branches could cause injuries to people that working close in the area as well as the passers. Of course, if you are not that familiar when it comes to cutting trees then it is really difficult to calculate where approximately the branch would fall after you cut it. This is more dangerous if there is no enough space around the tree that you will be working on, if you insist then expect the risks and hazards of the falling branch, as it could damage your car, fence, or any personal property nearby. If this happened, your attempt of DIY in order for you to save some bucks, isn’t helping at all, and sad fact later on this will make you realize that this approach cost you more than hiring someone.   


Indeed, the tree service professionals can be considered the most hard-working people with the most dangerous jobs. Cutting down trees is not easy as one, two, and three. It is not just about whacking you axe or taking you saw on the branches you want to cut, keep in mind that it can be even more dangerous if you’re working on the roof. It is necessary that you are aware of how much weight a tree branch can support as well as always be cautious in cutting trees, which it should be cut in the direction in order to fall in an area where you intend them to fall. Hence, it is not a good idea to do it yourself, in order to avoid serious problems and injuries such as major falls and cuts, hire an expert.